L&S at Innotrans 2016


This year, L&S again presents his innovations at the International Trade Fair for Transport Technology in Berlin. We warmly welcome you at our booth no. 326 in hall 25!


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Multifunctional inspection vehicle delivered to Brazil


Accompanied by a police escort from the L&S workshop to the A9 motorway slip road, the latest product from L&S – the heavyweight inspection vehicle MIV 1-25 – started its journey to Brazil yesterday. There, it will be received by the Canadian customer company Bombardier and assigned to its intended use: equipped with multifunctional maintenance tools it will be used in future for inspection and repair work on the new, fully automated monorail lines in the metropolis Sao Paulo. The ultra-modern monorail train system, which runs on a single concrete track, will soon be put into operation for the transportation of passengers and will be extended section by section. Thus, a monorail system with the highest transportation density of the world is being created, which will carry up to 48,000 passengers per hour in two directions.

With the use of the MIV 1-25 vehicle weighing 25 tons, the railway network can be checked for possible damage via camera and GPS function. Simultaneously, the vehicle can be used as a mobile repair workshop by means of which the four-person expert crew can carry out maintenance work on the railway system. On each side the machine is equipped with a height-adjustable working platform, which can be lowered to the track. Furthermore, the vehicle has a lifting platform allowing repair work at a height of up to 6 m and a pivoting crane which lifts up to 500 kg with its largest boom. The air-conditioned driver’s cab as well as the paintwork and the technical components of the vehicle are adapted for the use under tropical conditions.

While the MIV 1-25 is now on its journey, work is continuing on its sister vehicle, MRV 1-25, which has an almost identical design and will be expected in Riyadh/Saudi Arabia in the middle of this year.

New rail grinder on the way to Southeast Asia


L&S conveys the RGM 2-16 by ship to Kuala Lumpur

After a construction time of two years and a comprehensive, successfully passed machine acceptance test performed by the customer’s quality inspectors, a further rail grinder from L&S was ready to leave the production hall in Neustadt/Orla and be transported by container ship from Hamburg to the Far East.

Designed and constructed as a customized vehicle for the metro in Kuala Lumpur, the 70-ton machine is intended to be used in future to maintain the rails of the new metro network in the Malaysian capital. The Klang Valley Mass Transit project – a rail network covering several hundred kilometers – is planned to being operated in 2017.

The RGM 2-16 rail-grinding vehicle, consisting of two carriages and equipped with a precision measurement system for measuring the rail profile, is also provided with a function for the fully automated processing of turnouts and turnout combinations. This approved technology developed by L&S has been refined even further by the construction of the new rail grinding system. During production, it was particularly important to take the tropical conditions of the operating location into account: the vehicle is extremely water-tight, protected against corrosion and the ultramodern operators’ cabs are equipped with dual air-conditioning systems.

The company management express their particular thanks to all employees and suppliers who contributed to the success of this project and its completion in record time through their strong commitment.

RGM 1-16 during loading process